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  1. It might not seem like the right time to be telling stories about my life but bear with me. Sarah Globus

    When I was just 29 I decided to leave my full time job, in order to become an Associate for a new Consulting business based hundreds of miles away in Manchester. Needless to say, my mum and dad weren’t happy with my decision.

    All was going well until in 2004, after celebrating 10 years in business, I unexpectedly spent 3 months off work following an operation. When I was finally ready to go full-speed ahead with my business, I returned to find the pipeline had completely dried up and the business was insolvent. Last week when I was running a webinar over 85% of consultants said their pipelines were the reason they faced challenges now.

    By 2009 I was well and truly back on my feet, when the recession happened. I saw businesses crumble around me left, right and centre, but thanks to my hard grit through previous troubles, I was prepared to weather the storm.

    Why am I telling you my life story?

    To show you that I’ve been through crisis times like this before, and I’ve come out better practised and prepared - not only to continue my business, but to boost my profile and income at the same time.

    I’ve also coached countless people though times like this, and most of them have come out better too.

    I continue to run my coaching business and, I’ll be honest, I had a few days recently where I wondered if now was the right time to be marketing.

    But then I realised, now is the perfect time to do so.

    Now is the time that many of you will need the help and guidance to get through the tough spot that we’re currently in.

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    And I say ‘currently’ because no, it won’t last forever.

    In times of uncertainty there are a few key things to get us through, the first is the right mindset, closely followed by self-improvement, learning, guidance and understanding. Combine these and we’re all onto a winner.

    So, while businesses around us strap in for a period of downtime, let’s come together to strap in for a period of change.

    Of growth. Of evolution.

    These are the best things you can do in time like this. I know, because I’ve been here before, and come out stronger.

    I know you can come out stronger, too.

    Join me for a 20-minute chat, a 90-minute Pivot your Business coaching session, or for my 6-week fast-track Virtual HR Consultant Bootcamp, starting on April 14th 2020, to accelerate your transition.

    This is not the time to procrastinate.

    We're in this together.

  2. In an ever-changing world, we’ve received an above average number of enquiries about how to become a freelance HR consultant. 

    Luckily, answering this question is our strong point. As is taking you thorough the steps needed to become an HR consultant

    For 20 years Leap into Consulting™ has provided coaching to help people understand how to start an HR Consulting business, and how to enhance their profits as a freelance HR consultant. 

    Here, we answer some of the common questions about how to become a freelance HR consultant: 


    What does a freelance HR consultant job description look like? 

    There is no typical job role for an HR consultant. This is one of the great things about becoming an HR consultant - you are often able to choose the areas of HR that you most enjoy and find clients looking for your specific likes and skill set. 

    However, some of the HR skills that companies are often looking for in a consultant include short-term projects such as; organisational design work, auditing current HR policy in the workplace, analysing current salary scales, implementing roll-out of new company HR policies, working across change management, assisting with employee dismissals, and overseeing HR implications for new lines of business. 

    What skills are needed to become an HR consultant?

    You already have the HR skills, but there are business skills and practices that you’ll need to familiarise yourself in in order to run your own HR consultancy business. 

    Take for example, your business set up. Will becoming a Limited Company, Sole Trader or a Partnership work best for you? 

    How can you create balanced income sources to avoid peaks and troughs? 

    How can you build your credibility online? 

    How should you price your services? 

    These questions are just the beginning, but we can help you. In fact, we run virtual HR consultant bootcamps to answer all of these questions, and more. Find out more about our next bootcamp by requesting a brochure here

    I don’t know how to start an HR consulting business. Can you help me? 

    We absolutely can. We’ve been coaching people like you in this area for 20 years! We’ve also run an annual face-to-face bootcamp that we now also offer access to via virtual video conferences. 

    The virtual bootcamp is for HR professionals who are thinking of becoming a consultant, or for HR Consultants looking to take their business to the next level. 

    What qualifications do you need to be a HR consultant? 

    There are no formal qualifications needed to be an HR consultant, nor the need of an HR consultant certification. However, you will ideally have 3 years in-house HR experience and a strong drive to succeed as your own business. 

    How much is an HR consultant salary?

    Based on the variation in roles that an HR consultant might undertake, coupled with the fluidity of contracts, it’s impossible to answer this question. However, there are ways to make sure you earn what you need (or more), while choosing how much you want to work. Becoming a successful HR consultant is all about working harder, not smarter. Let us show you what this means on our virtual bootcamp

    Where can I find HR Consultant jobs?

    Jobs for HR consultants in consulting firms are advertised, but building a network is equally, if not more, important. You can search via all the usual recruitment channels - including LinkedIn - but building a network of like-minded people is likely to be a large part of your success.

    Is there a specific HR consultant training course? 

    Yes, our virtual HR bootcamp will guide new or growing HR consultants through a variety of processes needed to succeed including; the set up and maintenance of running your own business, understanding how to find clients that work for you, and how to ensure your business succeeds. 

    Find out more by registering your interest here

  3. Screenshot 2020-03-25 17.05.54

    As we move through March 2020, discussions about working from home have turned into a reality for many, many people around the globe. It seems surreal that it was just two weeks ago I explained how I’ve been helping people achieve this dream for more than 25 years.

    But it’s not always a dream anymore. For many it’s a hard-hitting, fast-moving reaction to circumstances beyond your control.

    My advice in this feature wasn’t in the same vein as the plentiful posts that are sweeping the internet about ‘getting dressed’, ‘setting schedules’ and ‘taking a lunch break’ (though with many years of practice at working from the comfort of my home office, I can definitely help with this too!). 

    Instead I spoke about how helping people move from corporate to consultancy has been a passion and specialty of mine for so many years. 

    I’ve been coaching in this area for 25 years, as well as running face-to-face bootcamps. I was also in the process of taking these bootcamps from workshop to virtual chat room, in order to assist those who - for whatever reason - weren’t able to attend the courses in person. 

    In reaction to recent global events, I’ve sped this process up. Our team here at Leap into Consulting™ have been hard at work in order to make this happen for you. 

    Sooner rather than later. 

    I can no longer assume that participants of this course are taking it to make their dreams into a reality. Instead I know that there will be some participants attending as a necessity, perhaps because of redundancies or salary cut-backs at work. 

    But what I can promise is that whatever your reason for taking this course and for making the Leap into Consulting™ , all of my courses are prepared, structured and delivered with one key goal in mind - to make your freelance HR consultancy journey a success. 

    The next course starts on 14th April. 

    If you’d like to find out more information please register your details and I’ll send you a brochure with more information about the course and modules. 

    In the meantime, please stay home, stay safe and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have during these uncertain times. 

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  4. In recent weeks, working from home has become the topic of conversation - globally. 

    But we’ve been helping people to actually do it for 25 years. 



    We are a consultancy designed to help people make the leap from corporate to consultant. We run online and face-to-face bootcamps and retreats aimed specifically at people who want to start their own consultancy business. And yes, that includes people yet to make the first step, too.

    Being your own boss allows you to work from home, any time you like. 

    What does this mean? 

    It means that we recognise corporate #officelife is not for everyone. But we also recognise that sometimes it’s difficult to find the courage to leave it. We’ll not only show you how to make the first step, but also how to excel while doing it, both personally and financially. We’re with you every step of the way. 

    How can we help you? 

    If you’re ready to make the Leap into Consulting™ then we’d love to aid you on your journey. 

    We’ve been helping people like you for 25 years. Check out some of our upcoming events for inspiration. Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on the page as we will be announcing more exciting opportunities in the next few weeks. 

    What does professional coaching offer?

    If you want to be your own boss and work from home, then professional coaching will give you a head start on your journey. Among other things, it will: 

    • Build your confidence 
    • Give you clarity in your career 
    • Help you set goals (and stay accountable to them)
    • Unlock the tools to help you succeed 
    • Allow you to regain a work/life balance
    • Make you happier! 

    Find out more ways that professional coaching can help you: 

    7 ways coaching will help your career

    Why professional development is also personal development 

    I want to run my own business and work from home. How do I start? 

    We know that starting a business can be daunting, and that’s why we run 90-minute accelerator coaching programmes online. It’s a space for you to ask questions, find out more about consultancy, learn about the tools you’ll need to succeed, and to begin your journey.

    In our 90-minute accelerator programme, we’ll show you how to excel as a consultant enabling you to: 

    • Leave the corporate life
    • Become your own boss
    • Work from home

    Course info 2 V2

    Find out more. Book time into my calendar, or contact me: [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you. 



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