Worried about how to start your own HR Consultancy? Let's overcome this and gain confidence...


It's tough when you start out on your consulting journey, there's so much to learn as well as trying to find new clients, get the pricing right and then there are the legals around setting up your company. You can end up spending hours watching videos, joining online webinars and having conflicting information about what to do next.And if you don't get a great start you are likely to worry about your income, whether you have made the right decision and whether it was such a good idea making the move.

And you don't want to fail or let others down?

I have been there and so have over hundreds of new consultants.

The key is to get quick wins and build your confidence as a consultant...

And that is where we come in.

Sarah created the template for Leaping into HR Consulting based on 28 years of consulting and over 3 decades of supporting start ups and SME's to grow.

In 2020/2021 Sarah and the team have supported 80 new start up consultants - during the pandemic- when we were having to pivot the business as well.

Sarah knows what it's like to go through a business crisis and come through the other side with a plan for future success.


1. Read the book: Leap into HR Consulting

A must for all HR Consultants!
This is the only book written for you, based on 28 years as a successful consultant . 

You will feel empowered and have the answers to many of your questions. 

The book comes will downloadable worksheets for you to build you business with.

2. Come to our FREE Webinars

Bitesize learning
We run many informal FREE skills workshops and webinars for you - whether you are at the start of your journey or want to learn more about new topics.

Our webinars include topics such as improving your LinkedIn profile, how to price your services and much more!

3. Join our Virtual HR Consultant Bootcamp

Unlock a more confident  you
  Invest in accelerating your transition to being a successful HR consultant.

This FAST TRACK group coaching programme is designed for you to launch or relaunch your business.

With a blend of online self paced learning , group and 1 x 1 coaching we work around your commitments.

In the past year we have helped 100s of people, just like you, set up or grow their own successful HR consultancy

Podcast Leap in and Listen

Consulting Tips and Ideas

Sit back and listen to our podcast.
Sarah Hamilton-Gill discusses with guests
their experiences with taking the leap from consulting to HR and much more!

1:1 Coaching

Can 90 minutes change your life?
Yes it can! Join our Business Coach for 90-minutes coaching  and she will show you how you can gain clarity for you and your business. You will be amazed how 90 minutes can change your approach and confidence.

Corfu Retreat for HR Consultants - Sept 2022

Business Entrepreneurs Retreat

Our 5-day retreat on the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece will help you grow your HR consulting business. We also take time to relax and recharge while exploring the island and meeting local entrepreneurs.

Take the leap to gain clarity, confidence and a bright future

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Our experiened team are here to help you with all of your HR consulting and training needs.
It's all about teamwork and doing the very
best for you, always with a smile. 

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Our extremely skilled and knowledgeable HR Consulting team have many years of inhouse senior level HR experience as well as consulting behind them. We can also help with psychometrics , 360 and Surveys.

Your feedback really matters to us

We always strive to do the best that we can and offer the best service to our clients.

That's why when we do receive feedback, we also have them independently verified by 'working feedback'.

We are proud that 99% of our clients give us a 5 star rating which means that we are rated as being 'Outstanding'.

Don't just take our word for it though, click on the tab to your right to read them.


We love hearing about the difference we make to our clients. There really is nothing better and especially when we get fantastic feedback.  Jennie and Andy both share their experiences of attending our 6-week Leap into HR Consulting Virtual Bootcamp. Both took the leap from working in the corporate world to running their own successful HR consulting business!

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