Is HR Consulting Right for You?

Fed up with your corporate job? Want more flexibility and control over your career? If so, then take our bitesized mini-course to discover whether a career in HR Consulting is right for you. You'll also gain access to other useful resources which will assist you in assessing your readiness for the journey ahead.

Ready to change direction in your HR career?

The demand for outsourced HR services has never been higher, the questions is...Are you ready to make the leap into HR Consultancy?

There are many reasons to go into HR Consultancy. More variety, greater challenge and intellectual stimulation, more autonomy and flexibility, higher remuneration, greater impact and influence, or simply in need of a change. However, often HR professionals make the leap into HR Consulting without having given it careful enough thought which can lead to a much steeper learning curve and the realisation that the demands of consulting, from business development to maintaining a steady stream of projects, require a unique skill set beyond traditional HR expertise.

We have created the "Is Consulting Right for You? - Mini Course" to help you assess your core drivers behind making this shift and whether you are equipped with the right attributes and background to become a Consultant, and where there might be gaps to fill.

Overall you will gain complete clarity over as to whether this is the right next step for you right now, in your HR Career.

Included in the price is a Motivational Map Profile (valued at £85) - with a comprehensive report.

Buy the course now for just £25 +VAT 

What you can expect from the mini-course?

The rewards are high in consulting but it's not an easy option; you need to be passionate about what you do and driven to succeed.

Do you have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make a successful Consultant? Are you equipped with the essential attributes, motivation, and skills for success? During this short programme, we will delve into these questions, empowering you to make informed choices about your professional journey.

By the end of this course you will have:

  1. Clarity about whether you have the drive to be a Consultant.
  2. A comprehensive Motivational Map profile.
  3. Clarity about whether the experience you have will be enough to be able to provide a credible service.
  4. An in-depth understanding of your Motivators and how they impact you as a Consultant.
  5. An answer about whether consulting is right for you.
  6. Ideas on how to develop your skills & experience further in order to be successful.
  7. A clear personal development plan.

Buy the course now for just £25+VAT

Work at your own pace and plan your next steps

The beauty of this digital course is that it is online so it can be balanced around your existing work schedule and family commitments, and you can work through it at a time of day that is convenient to you.

The mini-course also introduces you to our HR Consultants Bootcamp, so that if you decide you are ready to make the Leap into HR Consultancy, you know what is the best next step to take to ensure your future success.