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  1. Guiding the Way: The Role and Responsibilities of an HR Consultant Mentor

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    In my role as an HR Consultant Mentor, I've had the privilege of guiding hundreds of HR professionals on their transformative journeys in the world of HR consulting. It's a role that brings me immense joy and I’m always thrilled when I hear of the successes my mentees have gone on to achieve.

    This edition of my newsletter is more introspective than usual as I thought I'd shed a little light on how I see my role and responsibilities as an HR Consultant Mentor, and how this vital partnership nurtures the growth and success of aspiring HR consultants. I hope you find it interesting.


    “I believe my mentorship role serves as a bridge to HR consulting success”


    At the heart of my role as an HR Consultant Mentor I am a compass, collaborator, and catalyst for growth. My mentorship revolves around offering guidance and sharing knowledge to help my mentees navigate the uncharted territory of transitioning into HR Consulting. This includes providing insights into the complexities of the industry and equipping them with the essential tools for success.

     But sharing knowledge is just the beginning; it's also about creating a collaborative partnership built on trust and encouragement, and fostering confidence in my mentees, nudging them to step beyond their comfort zones, make confident decisions, and truly believe in their own abilities. Specifically, I have the privilege of helping these amazing, aspiring HR Consulting entrepreneurs to:

     Uncover their unique strengths and identify what sets them apart in the consulting arena.

    • Help them discover what they are truly passionate about in the field of HR, which becomes the driving force behind their consulting careers.
    • Provide strategic guidance on business development, client acquisition, marketing, financial management, and scaling operations.
    • Build confidence by providing feedback, support, and encouragement to help them believe in their abilities and make confident decisions.
    • Remind them of the importance of the continued professional development, so that they stay updated with industry trends, attend relevant training, and continue developing their skills so they remain competitive in the HR consulting field.

     In addition, I believe my mentorship role goes beyond crafting successful HR consulting businesses; it's about creating lives and businesses that those who make the leap into HR Consulting genuinely love. Showing them how to achieve the elusive work-life balance, where work isn't a chore but a source of fulfilment and empowering them to weave their consulting endeavours seamlessly into the broader tapestry of their lives.

    To sum it up, my role and responsibilities as an HR Consultant Mentor are diverse and have a profound impact that reaches beyond the boundaries of the delivery of professional HR Consulting services. I help people change their lives for the better. This journey is not only purposeful but also incredibly rewarding, highlighting the substantial importance of mentorship in the realm of HR consulting.

  2. Celebrating the first anniversary of ‘Leap into HR Consulting: How to Move Successfully from Corporate to Consulting’ book

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    2When I decided to self-publish my book ‘Leap into HR Consulting: How to Move Successfully from Corporate to Consulting’ just a year ago on 5th November 2020 I really hoped it would be favourably received, as it truly came from my heart. I had been drawn to writing it so that could help others follow their dreams and transform from being an employee to having their own consulting business.

    I could hardly believe it when it soon went to Number 1 on the Amazon Business Consulting Book List, where it continues even a year later to dip in and out of the hot seat. To top it off, it was then announced as a finalist in the Most Inspirational HR Business Book in the Book Awards 2021.

  3. New Partnership with Menopause Experts announced during Menopause Awareness Month

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    Leap into and Menopause Experts partnershipI’m so excited to announce that I have been appointed to the Panel of Experts by Menopause Experts. My Leap into HR Consulting programme has also become a partner of the social enterprise. It’s been made that bit more special because October is Menopause Awareness Month.

    It shouldn’t be an awareness month though. I believe that it’s a topic we should be talking about often. During the pandemic especially I helped lots of people set up their own consulting businesses, many of them being women trying to manage menopausal symptoms as well as managing a fulfilling and rewarding career. 

  4. Business Book Awards - Shortlisting Announcement - March 2021

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    The Business Book Awards 2021

    The Business Book Awards celebrate the work of authors who have shared their industry or market knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form. The Business Book Awards recognise the change in the current market and aim to highlight the quality and variety of business books in the market. They offer industry-wide recognition to new and established authors writing on a multiplicity of subjects for a diverse readership. 

  5. HR Director - Book Review March 2021

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    AEAB4703-29DC-4809-BA25-1C677A208562It's a busy week for my book - we have the review in HR Director magazine today and then the Business Book Awards on Thursday. Thank you to the reviewer who took time out to read the book.

    For those of you that have read my book would you agree with the review ? what else might you add? what do you disagree with?

    I'd love to hear your feedback Take a look at the full review here:

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  6. Reinvention

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    I’ve recently been announced as one of the finalists in the Successful Women in Business Awards, founded by Gill Donnell MBE. 

    While I’m always honoured to be nominated and become a finalist for business awards, this one means more to me than many. 


    Because the award I’m up for via the Successful Women in Business is the ‘Reinvention Award’. 


    This means a lot to me as I’ve worked hard to be where I am today, and it hasn’t always been a linear journey. I’ve seen my fair share of crisis times; the current Coronavirus crisis and subsequent financial crisis is just the latest. 

    Indeed, over the last few months I’ve had to pivot my business from face-to-face bootcamps and coaching sessions to bootcamps that are run entirely via a virtual platform. Getting an entire course up online in a matter of days is no easy feat, believe me. 

    More than this though is the reinvention of the way in which I run my sessions today. Until a few months ago I was working with people who actively wanted to make the Leap into Consulting™, But now with furloughs, job losses and general insecurity in the workplace, many of the people I work with are not considering making the leap out of pure choice. Many have no other choice. 

    Of course, when the circumstances of my clients are changing, the way I deliver coaching must too. 

    As I’ve been through similar crisis myself a few times in my 25 year consulting career, I know how to work with my new set of clients and how to deliver what they need, in order to help them leap back into success. 

    You could say my entire business model for the last few months has been about reinvention; for both myself and my clients. 

    I’m proud I’ve been able to do so, and I’m proud of my clients who are doing the same. 

    So to be a finalist in the ‘Reinvention Award’ means more to me than many may realise. 

    Thank you for the nominations, for recognising me as a finalist, and for the many opportunities I’ve been presented with that have allowed me to be where I am today.