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Category: The 5 C's of Corporate to HR Consulting Model

  1. Leap into Consulting™ with clarity

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    Clarity is important in any business, but never more so than when you’re starting out.

    As a new business owner you need to run with efficiency and effectiveness. Clarity of purpose will ensure that you do. 

    Easy, right? Yes - but only if you know how. 


    In my 25 years of running an HR Consultancy and in helping others to do the same, I’ve seen so many people fall into the trap of ‘being busy but going nowhere’. 

    Without having initial clarity on exactly what it is you want to achieve - and how you will do it - this is an easy trap to fall into. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t fallen into it myself a couple of times in my early years.

    But clarity will save you from jumping into this trap. 

    • Clarity will allow you to work on developing your business, rather than firefighting every day. 
    • Clarity will increase your efficiency, taking you to your end goal faster. 
    • Clarity will reduce your workload, in turn reducing your stress. 
    • Clarity allows you to focus on the bigger picture. 

    Ultimately, clarity will get you where you want to be. 

    How can you build clarity? 


    First, you need to identify a few things about your business, but also your lifestyle. Among these are answers to the below: 

    What is your concept? What are your products? What are your goals? What are your dreams? How much is your time worth? 

    Once you have your answers you’ll need to combine all of the above into a clear plan, in order to build your business in the timeframe you desire. 

    In my Leap into Consulting™ Virtual Bootcamp, I dedicate a module to clarity to make sure you are crystal clear in your understanding of your business model and how to apply it. 

    We’ll work together to find the right answers for you, and use these to identify your areas of speciality, your ideal client, your base fee, and much more. 

    I love helping others define and reach their goals, so I’m excited to help you do the same.

    Interested? Find out more about the Virtual HR Bootcamp starting in August. Register your interest here

  2. Leap into Consulting™ with confidence

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    Confidence. It sounds simple but isn’t always easy to master. Often, we have some elements of it, but not others. The good news is, there are ways to build your confidence up!

    There’s no shying away from the fact that to be a Consultant you need to be enthusiastic, friendly, positive, independent, and yes - confident.

    You may have mastered many of these attributes but need a little help with finding your confidence.

    Why is confidence important as a Consultant?

    Outwardly you’ll routinely be required to start working with a new set of people - often senior team members - and must be able to stand firm in your professional knowledge. You need self-confidence to allow you to step into such situations with ease.

    Inwardly you must have the confidence in your ability, knowledge, and skillset to ensure you price yourself correctly and never undersell your services.

    How can I help you build confidence?

    There are many ways to build both outward and inward confidence. They start with your decision and motivation to make the steps to get there.

    I’ve covered some small, practical steps you can take to build self-confidence here: believe in your abilities, build confidence on the go, create a structure, and support others.

    But, I understand, it’s not always that simple which is why ‘Courage’ is one of the modules covered in detail on my Leap into Consulting™ Virtual Bootcamp. In it we pull together all the elements you need to have confidence in your abilities and decisions.

    In fact, the Bootcamp as a whole is designed to give you courage, clarity and confidence, and we have multiple ways to make sure you achieve it. These include building a business structure, understanding your price points, finding a like-minded community for support, discovering how to reach out to new clients, and much more.

    The programmes are 6 weeks and 100% of our delegates increased their confidence during the programme. We measure results and some even doubled their confidence!

    Contact me to find out how my Virtual Bootcamp will give you the confidence to set yourself up for success as a Consultant. 

    Don't just take my word for it - read how others have benefited :

    Working Feedback Reviews

  3. Leap into Consulting™ while building a community

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    ‘I want to build my own business but I don’t want to lose my network’

    Does this sound familiar? For many sociable, friendly and enthusiastic people this is one of the topics that comes up the most when considering starting a consultancy business. 

    And I get it. 

    You’ve spent years working in close contact with other HR professionals who understand your role, who act as someone to ideate with throughout the day, who are there for professional guidance, or for a chat over lunch. 

    The thought of losing that, especially for those who thrive off interaction with others, can be daunting.

    But I have good news: you can be an independent consultant and maintain a community of like-minded peers. 

    In fact, it’s one element of our Virtual Bootcamp that we at Leap into Consulting™ are proud of. All of our courses are designed to allow you one-to-one coaching time, but also to make sure you connect with other professionals. 

    We love to see you to learn and grow with others on a similar career path. Many of our previous Bootcamp attendees have gone on to form life long connections from our sessions; as business professionals, friends, or both! 

    We know this is important for any Consultant spending periods of time working alone; it’s important to have people to ideate with, people to help you achieve your goals, people to both receive and give moral support to, or simply people to chat about life over a coffee with. 

    To achieve this we actively encourage group bonding as a part of our Bootcamp, as well as set up a unique Facebook group for cohorts to discuss ideas together. 

    Our attendees often cite this as one of the benefits of taking our courses. Here’s a line of feedback from our most recent Bootcamp:  

    “I thought being a consultant would be lonely and I wouldn’t have much support but I actually feel more connected and supported by this group than my own current employer”

    If losing a professional community is one of your concerns about making the Leap into Consulting™, worry no more. 

    I’m happy to chat in more detail about this or other questions you might have. Simply send me a message and I look forward to speaking with you!