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  1. reinvention

    I’ve recently been announced as one of the finalists in the Successful Women in Business Awards, founded by Gill Donnell MBE. 

    While I’m always honoured to be nominated and become a finalist for business awards, this one means more to me than many. 


    Because the award I’m up for via the Successful Women in Business is the ‘Reinvention Award’. 


    This means a lot to me as I’ve worked hard to be where I am today, and it hasn’t always been a linear journey. I’ve seen my fair share of crisis times; the current Coronavirus crisis and subsequent financial crisis is just the latest. 

    Indeed, over the last few months I’ve had to pivot my business from face-to-face bootcamps and coaching sessions to bootcamps that are run entirely via a virtual platform. Getting an entire course up online in a matter of days is no easy feat, believe me. 

    More than this though is the reinvention of the way in which I run my sessions today. Until a few months ago I was working with people who actively wanted to make the Leap into Consulting™, But now with furloughs, job losses and general insecurity in the workplace, many of the people I work with are not considering making the leap out of pure choice. Many have no other choice. 

    Of course, when the circumstances of my clients are changing, the way I deliver coaching must too. 

    As I’ve been through similar crisis myself a few times in my 25 year consulting career, I know how to work with my new set of clients and how to deliver what they need, in order to help them leap back into success. 

    You could say my entire business model for the last few months has been about reinvention; for both myself and my clients. 

    I’m proud I’ve been able to do so, and I’m proud of my clients who are doing the same. 

    So to be a finalist in the ‘Reinvention Award’ means more to me than many may realise. 

    Thank you for the nominations, for recognising me as a finalist, and for the many opportunities I’ve been presented with that have allowed me to be where I am today. 

  2. Women of the working world. I have some questions: 

    • Do you work full time for another CEO, or are you the boss? 
    • Can you take unscheduled time off when you need it, or do you have to ask for permission? 
    • Are you paid the same as your male counterparts or do you earn less as a female employee? 


     My last question for you today: 

    •  What would your preferred answer to these questions be? 

    Let’s look at the facts: 

     In 2020 there are more self employed women than ever before. According to The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE), self-employment amongst women has risen by a huge 63% since 2008

    But why? 

    ISPE’s Andy Chamberlain, Deputy Director of Policy highlighted my viewpoint perfectly when he said:

    “Our research shows that the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss really works for highly-skilled women who want to take control of their working lives”. 

     Freedom and flexibility. Two of my core beliefs and values I hold highly. 

    Why are more and more women turning to self employment? And how does it benefit them? 

     Let’s start by looking at some answers to my opening questions: 

    Question no. 1: Do you work full time for another CEO, or are you the boss? 


    In 2020 there are just 5 female CEOs across the FTSE 100 companies.

    A male employee is significantly more likely to make CEO of a large company than a female. The sad reality is that if you’re a women in the corporate world, the odds of making CEO are against you.  

    But there is another way. By taking the Leap Into Consulting™ you’ll automatically become your own boss. 

    Which leads to my next question…. 

    Question no. 2: Can you take unscheduled time off when you need it, or do you have to ask for permission?

    Globally women perform a huge 75% unpaid care and domestic duties but women in the UK bear the brunt of it too. In the last UK-based study, women in the UK were responsible for 60% of unpaid duties

    While 5 years have passed since the latest UK-focussed study, the percentage has seen little change since the year 2000, suggesting that even if such a change has happened, the figures will still not be equal. 

    What does this mean for professional women in the workplace who need to take time off to care for sick children or elderly relatives? 

    It means that needing to take unplanned time off is likely. A feat more difficult when you have to ask for someone else’s permission. 

    As a self employed consultant this burden gets easier. Of course, you’ll still have work to complete - but you’re far more flexible to do so in your own time and on your own terms. 

    Suddenly that ‘emergency pick-up call’ from your child’s school becomes far easier to navigate.  

    Question no. 3: Are you paid the same as your male counterparts? 


    The sad news is, if you’re a woman in the corporate workplace the answer is most likely: no. 

    According to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), women earn, on average, 17.3% less than men in the UK workforce. This means women effectively work for free for just over 2 months of the year. 

    The gender pay gap differs industry to industry; some of the worst culprits include ‘financial, insurance, education, professional scientific and technical’. (TUC). 

    But there is another way. By making the Leap Into Consulting™ you’re free to calculate your fees as you deem appropriate. And we’re on hand to help you find your fair price.   

    Now, let me ask again; 

    Question no. 4: What would your preferred answer to these questions be?

    I’m fairly sure I know your answers. After all, who wouldn’t want more authority, flexibility and profit from the workplace? 


    A quick scan over these figures goes some way to understanding why more and more women are joining the freelance workforce.

    At Leap Into Consulting™ we specialise in guiding people from corporate to consultant.

    Will you be one of them? 

    I come back to ‘freedom and flexibility’. 

    Are you ready to make the change? Find out more

  3. AdobeStock_137609181

    Are you a full time employee dreaming of something more? Perhaps you long for more quality time with your family? Perhaps a bigger income? Perhaps a better work/life balance? The opportunity to choose which jobs to say yes to, and when you want to say no.

    If you’re nodding your head in agreement and thinking ‘yes please!' - read on. Consulting could be right for you. 

    First things first; while we here at Leap into Consulting™ are fully aware of the benefits that becoming a consultant offers (flexibility, potential income, more time with loved ones, the opportunity to work on projects you’re passionate about - amongst many others), it would be amiss to claim it’s for everyone. 

    So let’s discuss the tougher side of consulting first: 

    To become a consultant means running your own business. To put it simply; you’ll need to do your own taxes (or hire an accountant), fix your own IT issues, and rely on solely on your self-motivation to complete projects. There will be no boss (aside from yourself!) checking that you’re in the office. As a consultant, all of this is down to you. 

    If you're still with us and consider this a small pay off for the freedom to choose your own working hours - fantastic. You’ve passed the toughest hurdle. 

    Now let’s talk about the practical side of setting up your business: 

    You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions to discover what works for you. What type of work do you enjoy? What do you not enjoy? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? How many hours a week do you wish to work? 

    While we can’t answer these questions for you, we can guide you through them alongside others. In fact, we run a mini ‘Is Consulting Right For You’ course to guide people through this process. Join us to explore your options. 

    Now - we say as we rub our hands with glee - onto the best part of consulting. The reason we've loved what we do for 25 years.

    Let's explore the benefits of consulting.

    The freedom: 

    • The freedom to grow a career and business that you love. 
    • The freedom to work from almost anywhere in the world
    • The freedom to spend more time with loved ones. 
    • The freedom to spend time on personal development as well as professional
    • The freedom to increase your income in the way you choose. 
    • The freedom to adjust your work/life balance. 
    • The freedom to look after your physical and mental health. 

    - The list really does go on, but we think you get the idea. 

    Interested? Contact us to find out more about joining our ‘Is Consulting Right For You’ course. The course costs just £85 and is so much more than just business training. 

    We join all the dots in your professional and personal desires, to guide you towards a better way of working. 

    We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you start your journey. 

  4. It might not seem like the right time to be telling stories about my life but bear with me. Sarah Globus

    When I was just 29 I decided to leave my full time job, in order to become an Associate for a new Consulting business based hundreds of miles away in Manchester. Needless to say, my mum and dad weren’t happy with my decision.

    All was going well until in 2004, after celebrating 10 years in business, I unexpectedly spent 3 months off work following an operation. When I was finally ready to go full-speed ahead with my business, I returned to find the pipeline had completely dried up and the business was insolvent. Last week when I was running a webinar over 85% of consultants said their pipelines were the reason they faced challenges now.

    By 2009 I was well and truly back on my feet, when the recession happened. I saw businesses crumble around me left, right and centre, but thanks to my hard grit through previous troubles, I was prepared to weather the storm.

    Why am I telling you my life story?

    To show you that I’ve been through crisis times like this before, and I’ve come out better practised and prepared - not only to continue my business, but to boost my profile and income at the same time.

    I’ve also coached countless people though times like this, and most of them have come out better too.

    I continue to run my coaching business and, I’ll be honest, I had a few days recently where I wondered if now was the right time to be marketing.

    But then I realised, now is the perfect time to do so.

    Now is the time that many of you will need the help and guidance to get through the tough spot that we’re currently in.

    No alt text provided for this image

    And I say ‘currently’ because no, it won’t last forever.

    In times of uncertainty there are a few key things to get us through, the first is the right mindset, closely followed by self-improvement, learning, guidance and understanding. Combine these and we’re all onto a winner.

    So, while businesses around us strap in for a period of downtime, let’s come together to strap in for a period of change.

    Of growth. Of evolution.

    These are the best things you can do in time like this. I know, because I’ve been here before, and come out stronger.

    I know you can come out stronger, too.

    Join me for a 20-minute chat, a 90-minute Pivot your Business coaching session, or for my 6-week fast-track Virtual HR Consultant Bootcamp, starting on April 14th 2020, to accelerate your transition.

    This is not the time to procrastinate.

    We're in this together.

  5. In an ever-changing world, we’ve received an above average number of enquiries about how to become a freelance HR consultant. 

    Luckily, answering this question is our strong point. As is taking you thorough the steps needed to become an HR consultant

    For 20 years Leap into Consulting™ has provided coaching to help people understand how to start an HR Consulting business, and how to enhance their profits as a freelance HR consultant. 

    Here, we answer some of the common questions about how to become a freelance HR consultant: 


    What does a freelance HR consultant job description look like? 

    There is no typical job role for an HR consultant. This is one of the great things about becoming an HR consultant - you are often able to choose the areas of HR that you most enjoy and find clients looking for your specific likes and skill set. 

    However, some of the HR skills that companies are often looking for in a consultant include short-term projects such as; organisational design work, auditing current HR policy in the workplace, analysing current salary scales, implementing roll-out of new company HR policies, working across change management, assisting with employee dismissals, and overseeing HR implications for new lines of business. 

    What skills are needed to become an HR consultant?

    You already have the HR skills, but there are business skills and practices that you’ll need to familiarise yourself in in order to run your own HR consultancy business. 

    Take for example, your business set up. Will becoming a Limited Company, Sole Trader or a Partnership work best for you? 

    How can you create balanced income sources to avoid peaks and troughs? 

    How can you build your credibility online? 

    How should you price your services? 

    These questions are just the beginning, but we can help you. In fact, we run virtual HR consultant bootcamps to answer all of these questions, and more. Find out more about our next bootcamp by requesting a brochure here

    I don’t know how to start an HR consulting business. Can you help me? 

    We absolutely can. We’ve been coaching people like you in this area for 20 years! We’ve also run an annual face-to-face bootcamp that we now also offer access to via virtual video conferences. 

    The virtual bootcamp is for HR professionals who are thinking of becoming a consultant, or for HR Consultants looking to take their business to the next level. 

    What qualifications do you need to be a HR consultant? 

    There are no formal qualifications needed to be an HR consultant, nor the need of an HR consultant certification. However, you will ideally have 3 years in-house HR experience and a strong drive to succeed as your own business. 

    How much is an HR consultant salary?

    Based on the variation in roles that an HR consultant might undertake, coupled with the fluidity of contracts, it’s impossible to answer this question. However, there are ways to make sure you earn what you need (or more), while choosing how much you want to work. Becoming a successful HR consultant is all about working harder, not smarter. Let us show you what this means on our virtual bootcamp

    Where can I find HR Consultant jobs?

    Jobs for HR consultants in consulting firms are advertised, but building a network is equally, if not more, important. You can search via all the usual recruitment channels - including LinkedIn - but building a network of like-minded people is likely to be a large part of your success.

    Is there a specific HR consultant training course? 

    Yes, our virtual HR bootcamp will guide new or growing HR consultants through a variety of processes needed to succeed including; the set up and maintenance of running your own business, understanding how to find clients that work for you, and how to ensure your business succeeds. 

    Find out more by registering your interest here

  6. Screenshot 2020-03-25 17.05.54

    As we move through March 2020, discussions about working from home have turned into a reality for many, many people around the globe. It seems surreal that it was just two weeks ago I explained how I’ve been helping people achieve this dream for more than 25 years.

    But it’s not always a dream anymore. For many it’s a hard-hitting, fast-moving reaction to circumstances beyond your control.

    My advice in this feature wasn’t in the same vein as the plentiful posts that are sweeping the internet about ‘getting dressed’, ‘setting schedules’ and ‘taking a lunch break’ (though with many years of practice at working from the comfort of my home office, I can definitely help with this too!). 

    Instead I spoke about how helping people move from corporate to consultancy has been a passion and specialty of mine for so many years. 

    I’ve been coaching in this area for 25 years, as well as running face-to-face bootcamps. I was also in the process of taking these bootcamps from workshop to virtual chat room, in order to assist those who - for whatever reason - weren’t able to attend the courses in person. 

    In reaction to recent global events, I’ve sped this process up. Our team here at Leap into Consulting™ have been hard at work in order to make this happen for you. 

    Sooner rather than later. 

    I can no longer assume that participants of this course are taking it to make their dreams into a reality. Instead I know that there will be some participants attending as a necessity, perhaps because of redundancies or salary cut-backs at work. 

    But what I can promise is that whatever your reason for taking this course and for making the Leap into Consulting™ , all of my courses are prepared, structured and delivered with one key goal in mind - to make your freelance HR consultancy journey a success. 

    The next course starts on 14th April. 

    If you’d like to find out more information please register your details and I’ll send you a brochure with more information about the course and modules. 

    In the meantime, please stay home, stay safe and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have during these uncertain times. 

    Screenshot 2020-03-25 16.57.42