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Why Navigating The Second Half Of 2020 Might Be Easier As a Consultant

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Do you want to create your own future? To boldly navigate new goals? To confidently negotiate a higher income? 

If you dream of achieving more, then becoming a consultant might be the way forward for you. Let me show you why. 

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve had lots of conversations with confident, assertive and motivated people about returning to work post Covid-19 lockdown, and one topic has arisen time and time again: concerns that a full-time salaried job no longer offers what they need. 

For hard-working and driven people, a full-time salaried career is no longer viewed as either a secure or desirable way to achieve personal or financial goals.  

Becoming an HR Consultant turns this on its head. This is why: 

Professionals employed by someone else are worried in the current climate, not only about health concerns but about future company redundancies, salary reductions, lack of growth opportunity, childcare needs, lack of personal time, and a lack of company value or appreciation. 

Each and every one of these is a very valid concern and something that employers need to address. 

But for you - there is another way. And now is the time to act.  

Set your own goals, workload, salary and time by starting your own consulting business. If it’s security you crave, this may feel contradictory. But let me explain how it can help. 

As an HR Consultant and business owner you will have the freedom to: 

  • Create your own desired income; you won’t need to worry about redundancies or salary deductions.
  • Ascertain your own earnings, and find ways to boost your income in times of need.
  • Self-motivate to grow your business and achieve goals.
  • Take control over your time. You’ll be free to take time off whenever needed, no questions asked.
  • Create your own unique set of business values - and live up to them.

As the UK prepares to go back to work, now is the time to set up your consulting business. Covid-19 has created a high demand for HR services that you can fulfil. But there is only a small window of opportunity to take advantage of this.

I’m running a 6 week HR Consultant Bootcamp to help you achieve it. This is the last Bootcamp before businesses emerge out of furlough. This Virtual Bootcamp will help you get ready for potential clients.

Indepedent Freedback: "I thought being a Consultant would be lonely and I wouldn't have much support but actually I feel more connected by this group than my current employer".

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