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How to become a freelance HR consultant

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In an ever-changing world, we’ve received an above average number of enquiries about how to become a freelance HR consultant. 

Luckily, answering this question is our strong point. As is taking you thorough the steps needed to become an HR consultant

For 20 years Leap into Consulting™ has provided coaching to help people understand how to start an HR Consulting business, and how to enhance their profits as a freelance HR consultant. 

Here, we answer some of the common questions about how to become a freelance HR consultant: 


What does a freelance HR consultant job description look like? 

There is no typical job role for an HR consultant. This is one of the great things about becoming an HR consultant - you are often able to choose the areas of HR that you most enjoy and find clients looking for your specific likes and skill set. 

However, some of the HR skills that companies are often looking for in a consultant include short-term projects such as; organisational design work, auditing current HR policy in the workplace, analysing current salary scales, implementing roll-out of new company HR policies, working across change management, assisting with employee dismissals, and overseeing HR implications for new lines of business. 

What skills are needed to become an HR consultant?

You already have the HR skills, but there are business skills and practices that you’ll need to familiarise yourself in in order to run your own HR consultancy business. 

Take for example, your business set up. Will becoming a Limited Company, Sole Trader or a Partnership work best for you? 

How can you create balanced income sources to avoid peaks and troughs? 

How can you build your credibility online? 

How should you price your services? 

These questions are just the beginning, but we can help you. In fact, we run virtual HR consultant bootcamps to answer all of these questions, and more. Find out more about our next bootcamp by requesting a brochure here

I don’t know how to start an HR consulting business. Can you help me? 

We absolutely can. We’ve been coaching people like you in this area for 20 years! We’ve also run an annual face-to-face bootcamp that we now also offer access to via virtual video conferences. 

The virtual bootcamp is for HR professionals who are thinking of becoming a consultant, or for HR Consultants looking to take their business to the next level. 

What qualifications do you need to be a HR consultant? 

There are no formal qualifications needed to be an HR consultant, nor the need of an HR consultant certification. However, you will ideally have 3 years in-house HR experience and a strong drive to succeed as your own business. 

How much is an HR consultant salary?

Based on the variation in roles that an HR consultant might undertake, coupled with the fluidity of contracts, it’s impossible to answer this question. However, there are ways to make sure you earn what you need (or more), while choosing how much you want to work. Becoming a successful HR consultant is all about working harder, not smarter. Let us show you what this means on our virtual bootcamp

Where can I find HR Consultant jobs?

Jobs for HR consultants in consulting firms are advertised, but building a network is equally, if not more, important. You can search via all the usual recruitment channels - including LinkedIn - but building a network of like-minded people is likely to be a large part of your success.

Is there a specific HR consultant training course? 

Yes, our virtual HR bootcamp will guide new or growing HR consultants through a variety of processes needed to succeed including; the set up and maintenance of running your own business, understanding how to find clients that work for you, and how to ensure your business succeeds. 

Find out more by registering your interest here

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