Leap into HR Consulting How to move successfully from corporate to consulting

In this book, Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD shares a practical approach to accelerate your success as you make the Leap into HR Consulting™.

Sarah writes from 26 years in HR Consulting, sharing her "From Corporate to Consulting Model" , success stories, alongside the brutal truth of times when things didn’t go to plan.

From building the foundations of her business in her spare room, to a £1million turnover, she tells it how it is. This is not a dry book of theory - it's the real story.

Sarah’s revelations, secrets, tips, and moments of self-reflection will show you that you too can run a successful HR consultancy.

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"Without wanting to sound too narcissistic, I’d love to create lots of mini-mes!"
- Sarah Hamilton-Gill, Founder and Lead Coach, Leap into HR Consulting

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