Leap into HR Consulting - the book

In this book, Sarah Hamilton-Gill shares a practical approach designed to assist you as you make the Leap into HR Consulting™.

Sarah writes from experience, sharing her foundation and success stories, alongside the brutal truth of times things didn’t go to plan.

From building the foundations of her business in her spare bedroom, to a £1million turnover, she tells it how it is. This is not a dry book of theory - it's the real story.

Sarah’s revelations, secrets, tips, and moments of self-reflection will show you that you too can run a successful HR consultancy.

This book will inspire you to Leap into Consulting™ . Pre-order the book here. 


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"Without wanting to sound too narcissistic, I’d love to create lots of mini-mes!"
- Sarah Hamilton-Gill, Founder and Lead Coach, Leap into Consulting

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