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Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD Founder and Business Coach

In my early years in HR Consulting, it was a challenge to juggle a busy consulting diary with being a parent to two babies. It soon became clear to me that without the support and flexibility I got from being a business owner that I would have missed much of my boys growing up. Hand on heart I am so grateful that I was able to attend virtually every event that their school could throw at me, (mainly last minute), and be there for them.

I was just 28 when I decided to go it alone and set up my HR Consultancy business in 1992. My parents were not happy with my choice to leave the corporate life but today, having successfully built a 7-figure business and two 6-figure businesses, it’s obvious I made the right decision.
I started working with smaller companies then, as my business evolved, I moved onto bigger names. Organisations I’ve worked with include BT, Vodafone, Santander and the English Football Association.

I have gained awards including being a Finalist in the CIPD Best HR Consultancy (2018), Influential Small Business Owner winner (2018), HR Consultancy of the year (2020) Business and Industry Today and most recently finalist for the Reinvention Award (2020).

Today I have two grown sons and live between the UK and Corfu with my partner, Russell. I fell in love with Corfu thanks to its beautiful nature, vibrant colours and the Greek way of life - and I am lucky to be able to call it home. I’ve created a lifestyle I enjoy, desire, and deserve by building a profitable business that allows me to choose how, and where I wish to work.

On 5th November 2021 I self-published my book, Leap into HR Consulting - How to move successfully from Corporate to Consulting which has not only topped the business books list on Amazon but was also a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2021. It’s available at all good book shops and Amazon worldwide as an eBook and paperback. “If I can do it, you can do it too!"

Aaron Cashmore-Thorley

I have worked with GlobusHR Consulting Ltd on and off for nearly six years and bring a sales and lead generation focus to the business. I manage the consulting projects for our consulting team but also specialise in the diagnostic tools that we offer clients.

I love working with the team here as it’s fast paced and we all get on well, having fun as well as delivering great projects. I am based in our Lymington Office.

Outside of work I love socialising and take advantage of being on the coast and New Forest, swimming, sunbathing and cycling.

Helen Jones

At GlobusHR Consulting Ltd, whilst of course working closely with our whole small and close-knit team, I assist Sarah with the creation and maintenance of the content for our Leap into Consulting programme of courses and presentations, as well as liaising with/supporting our growing band of student and graduate consultants, practitioners, and our also-growing network of partners with the valuable services that they offer to us and all our clients.

As a lifelong freelancer I have always embraced the Leap into Consulting philosophy, with a background of a long and varied career in art and design before moving into administrative work; taking my work with me, I made the change to working remotely upon my move to Corfu in 2013, long before the pandemic made this practice widely acceptable, but I proved it could be done.

As well as Leap into Consulting, I work with a number of Occupational Health practitioners and providers, where HR partners are among the chief clients we liaise with on a day-to day basis. And I still get my paints out to do signwriting for local tavernas, in English and in Greek!

Sarah Burden

When I was offered the opportunity to start working with GlobusHR Consulting in May 2021 I did virtually 'leap' at the chance. They are such an incredible, hard working, and fun team! After being made redundant earlier in the year, imposter syndrome crept in, like so many during and post pandemic, but after a chance meeting on LinkedIn, Sarah gave me that new oportunity and I haven't looked back.  It really is true that after one door closes another one opens when you least expect it!

HR consulting was a completely new field to me, after having spent my working life up until now in the legal or charity sector but I love it and I get to learn something new every day which is even better. The team have really made me feel so welcome that I feel like I have worked with them for years! For me, there is nothing better than hearing from those that we have worked with, for example our Bootcamp Graduates, when they talk about the difference the Bootcamp has made to them in their new or growing business.   When I'm not working you will probably find me creating something, either with wool or silver and gemstones or crystals, whilst at the same time trying to wrestle them away from my naughty cat Patch!

Henry Beal

I joined GlobusHR Consulitng Ltd in June 2021, having recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in History. As a fresh entrant into the professional world, working with the team to ensure our products are of the greatest value possible and to keep our expertise up to date through research (market and otherwise!) has been a steep learning curve, but an immensely gratifying experience nonetheless.

Having grown up in and around the New Forest, the notion that Leap into HR Consulting can help people across the country from our local HQ in idyllic surroundings is hugely appealing to me. This is the feeling we want you to experience, from your own idyll!

Beyond work, you’ll find me trekking around the forest, playing tennis or reading spy fiction.


Everyone needs a Ralph and he has a very special role within the team. He is our 'Head of Wellness & Happiness'.

As you can see he is leading by example with his ball and also his Ralph-sized bouncy trampoline. Our team all strive to "be more Ralph"!

We are driven by our values which are: Honesty Flexibility Fun Inclusiveness Respect