Leap into Consulting™

If your life doesn't change in the next 12 months will you be happy?

"The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself" Adam Stott

If you’ve been working in HR, Marketing or some other area of expertise for five-plus years, you may well be sick and tired of the daily commute,
boardroom games, office politics, micromanaging and backbiting.

Reward, recognition and a simple ‘thanks’: all lovely things employees want to feel and hear.
Receiving recognition and reward is more than being paid a salary; it’s about being paid for your true

Maybe you want more flexibility to be available for school events, caring for members of your
family, spending more time with them, and having a better work/life balance?

Did you know that 95% of businesses in the UK fall within the small or medium-sized enterprise
(SME) bracket? Many SMEs don’t have an HR function, and the term human resources, is far from
human to them, in fact, it’s entirely alien. There's a vast market for HR Consulting.

This is also true for Marketing, IT and Finance consulting as well.

So forget
uncertain times — including Brexit — there has never been a more apt time to set up a consultancy
If the sound of the Antiques Roadshow theme tune on a Sunday night is enough to fill you with
dread of Monday morning, there is good news — that can all change.
You can ditch being bossed for being the boss.
You can run a successful consultancy.
You can become a successful business owner.
You can go it alone.
You can Leap into Consulting.
It can be a nightmare getting your head around all the stuff you need to know about starting a
business. There are so many things you need to know and do, and it can be confusing knowing which way to turn.
I'm here to help you set up your consultancy and get started as a consultant.

Now you can launch your own consultancy , whether you are resigning, being made redundant , returning to work or retiring from corporate life.

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