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About you:

Is HR consulting your next move?

Has the pandemic made you want more from life and your HR career but you aren’t sure what’s next. You could be at a career crossroad?

Should you stay on your current career path? Could you make the Leap into HR Consulting®?

Maybe the current circumstances are causing you to re-consider? What's important to you? Or maybe it’s just a nagging feeling that you can do something better?

If you're considering HR consultancy but aren’t sure whether it's right for you, download our questionnaire Is Consulting Right for You? designed to guide you through the answers to these questions. Once you have completed this you will have the opportunity to discuss your results with a member of our team.

About HR consulting:

Is now a good time to Leap into HR Consulting®?

There is a vast market for outsourced consultants in the UK, especially in Human Resources. Uncertain times have created a demand for your HR consultancy services. I know this from direct experience. 

We are in unchartered waters with the effects of Coronavirus and you are there to serve your clients to help them get through this.

Consider this: 99.9% of businesses in the UK are small or medium sized enterprises. Many of these don’t have an HR team, so need your help now!

You have the technical HR skills and knowledge, but you need the know-how to Leap into HR Consulting ® in order to find and retain clients and to increase your sales.

This is my speciality. Let’s chat and see where we can take you…

How can we help you?

With 27 years experience of running a HR consultancy  from start up to a 7 figure turnover Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD, our founder and lead coach, knows how to run a successful consulting business. She also knows what it's like to go through a business crisis and come out the other side with a plan for future success. Now she wants to help you do the same. 

Whether you are a new consultant or someone wanting to develop your business, we have webinars, coaching sessions and a 90 day virtual HR Consultant bootcamp  that will offer you solutions to meet all budgets.

Don't take our word for it , take a look at our reviews on this website as well as Sarah's recommendations on LinkedIn.

Every year we help 100s of people just like you take the leap - not be next?

For more infomation:

We value feedback from our clients and have them independently verified by a third party . 99% of our clients give us a 5 star ratings which we are very proud of and work hard to maintain.

Don't take my word for it - take a look at our reviews on the tab to yout right !


About me:

I’m Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD, founder of the award winning business, GlobusHR Consulting Ltd. I’ll be your lead coach on this journey.

I live what I teach; I’ve grown a 7 figure business, two 6 figure businesses and created a product that is licenced to sell in 56 countries. I’ve achieved many of my business dreams and now I want to help you do the same.

I have also weathered some severe storms that have taught me the strength, resilience and knowledge to remain calm in these circumstances. 

Find out more about me here

Contact me here

Leap into HR Consulting - by Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD

After 27 years of experience in HR consulting, I decided to write a book designed to help you do the same. 

Inside the new book you will discover:

  • My “From Corporate to Consulting” Model® that will accelerate your success as a consultant
  • How to clarify your services and your "niche" - an essential process
  • The top reasons why consulting is the right career path for you
  • How you can create a profitable business without burnout
  • How to create a business that you can operate from anywhere ,(with wifi and phone !)

And much more… This book is designed to enable you to make notes and create action points. It comes with a login for access to our online downloadable work sheets, so is always refreshed and up to date.

To order our Special Edition colour book click here and we will post within 24 hours.

For Kindle and Paperback black and white please click here

Awards in 2020 I was delighted to be a finalist for this award in recognition of the pivoting of my business during Covid-19 and also supporting others to set up their business too. We were also awarded Best HR Consultancy 2020 by Business & Industry Today publication.

2021 Virtual Events :

At GlobusHR Consulting Ltd we run lots of events aimed at helping you to begin, or grow, your business.

From free webinars and coaching sessions, to more in-depth Virtual HR Consultant Bootcamps and retreats in Greece.

Do you want to increase your income, flexibility and freedom?

Find out what we can offer you here

Enrolment open now for our September 2021, fast-track, virtaul HR Consultant Bootcamp. Bootcamp begins on 9th September 2021. Reserve you place now.

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Corfu Retreat 2022:

This 5-day entrepreneurs retreat on the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece will give you time out to work on how to grow your business in a stunning environment, conducive to learning.

Of course, we’ll also take some time to enjoy the island and meet local award winning entrepreneurs.

Find out more

Planning for your future career

Now is the right time and you may want to consider taking more control over your life and income.

Let us guide you through the steps that will make you the owner of a successful business.  

Create a life where you can spend time enjoying what you love to do most; being there for your loved ones, going for that walk when you feel like it, and working on projects that inspire you and make a real difference to people.

Make the Leap into HR Consulting™ today!

“You get one life. Be the greatest version of you that you can be”