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  1. 7 ways coaching will help your career

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    Everyone’s at it. 

    From that top sports player to the award-winning actress. From your favourite musician, to your least favourite soap star. Let’s face it, even your former boss and the business leader you admire are doing it. 

    Doing what?

    Taking coaching or mentoring sessions to improve their game. Whatever their game is. 

    As leaders in their fields, they know they need to stay ahead of the crowd. Coaching helps them to do this, and will help you do the same. 

    Here are 7 ways in which coaching will help your career: 

    1. Coaching will build your confidence


    As a business owner, the drive and motivation to make things happen needs to come from you. Building your confidence can work wonders towards achieving this. 

    Working with a coach will build both your self confidence and your business confidence in ways you may not have considered; affirming your ideas, helping you visualise where you want to be, and setting you up to win. 

    And after all, if you're confident in your ideas and ability - why wouldn’t you want to share them with the world?

    2. Coaching will give you clarity

     clarity copy

    Sometimes having all the ideas feels somewhat like a spider diagram drawn on paper. Lots of fantastic information but no clear way of making them happen. 

    Coaches are trained to look at your business with a different lens; one that cuts through the noise to offer a clear path to reaching your goals. They’ll help you identify priorities, and show you what needs to be done to get there. 

    Ideas on paper are nice, but practical application of them is nicer.

    3. Coaching will help you set goals (and hold you accountable to them!)


    Without a team around you to discuss plans and ways of making them happen, it’s easy to say ‘one day’ to many of the great ideas you’re storing in your Excel sheet or mental notes. The best way of making them happen? Set deadlines and be accountable for keeping to them. 

    Having a coach by your side gives you someone to guide you towards reasonable goals and time frames, as well as to make sure you action them. 

    Sometimes we all need a kick in order to turn our ideas into reality. 

    4. Coaching will help you overcome hurdles

     Overcome hurdles

    Not sure how to overcome your next hurdle? Whether it’s the first or 100th time you’ve faced it, a coach will act as an external source of information and knowledge to work through it with you. Find a coach with experience in your field and the chances are they’ve faced similar issues themselves, somewhere along the line. 

    Plus, even if not - two brains are always better than one. Right? 

    5. Coaching will give you access to valuable feedback 


    External feedback on ideas, concepts and processes is a critical path to success - but as a business owner it can be hard to come by. Having someone who knows your field of expertise inside out and who is willing to give critical feedback is vital. 

    If you’re lucky, friends or employees can do this - but a trained coach offers objective opinions designed to further your career. 

    You may not always like what they have to say, but it will always be said with your best interests at heart. 

    6. Coaching will unlock the tools you need to succeed

    unlock tools

    So you know your trade inside out - but did you know there are also many valuable tools from outside your industry that can help you succeed, too? Many of these tools can be incorporated into your work life with little to no extra effort - but deliver a large return. Part of the role of a business coach is to identify, showcase and set you on the road to using them.

    We don’t think anyone will argue with minimal effort for maximum return. 

    7. Coaching will help you build connections


    We all know that in today’s world, one great connection can change the direction of your business. But if you’re a business owner working from the comfort of your study, how do you find these connections? 

    A coach, by the very essence of what they do, will introduce you to mutually beneficial relationships designed to help both parties excel. Often you’ll be invited to related conferences and networking events too. 

    As Brene Brown once said, “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen”.  

     - Find out more about about coaching here

  2. Get over your Summer Blues !

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    I have listened to many consultants that worry about the fall in client work throughout the summer months. For me this is something that you should only experience in your first year until you get your business model right. 

    • What types of services and products can you offer during the summer months that will continue regardless of holidays?
    • Do you offer Summer Specials to generate interest and cashflow opportunities?
    • What is the balance between your products and services?
    • What % of your income is from the internet?

    I'm happy to talk - please don't feel alone with this stressful situation. I have been there and it requires a fresh approach!

    Here's the link to my calendar - book in 20 minutes for us to get ideas and some quick wins.


  3. Living the Dream

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    It's all be quiet on here and there is a very good reason for this. I have been through a rapid transition both professionally and personally and have just come back to the UK after an amazing 3 week trip travelling from the UK to Corfu via France and the East Coast of Italy. Russell and I were inspired by Gino D'Acampo's The Italian Escape series.

    I have a love of photopraphy so if you want to see the amazing places we wentt to please go to our blog on facebook: @livingthedreamcorfu

    It was one of the most interesting journeys in a T5 VW van and latterly some quirky hotels. During the journey I wanted to test how easy it was to continue to work with clients remotely and on the whole this worked well.

    So our social experiment is over and we are looking forward to seeing everyone next week at the Festival of Work at Olympia.

  4. Looking after yourself - Healthy inside and out.

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    I'd like to share with you one of my secrets to success.

    3 years ago I discovered Arbonne. An amazing range of Vegan, Gluten Free products that help with your nutrition to maximise your health and energy.

    In addition to this the range of skincare and make up products not only make you look great but are all botanical and beneficial.

    So if you lack energy, want to maximise your sporting performance or just want to look your best please take a look.

    and just call if you want to know anymore, I'm happy to talk !