I believe that there are many options for finding better work/life balance if you know where to look and are equipped with the right information and tools. It’s never too late to improve your career flexibility and life balance in order to live a more fulfilled (and less stressed) life. 

Sarah Hamilton-Gill, FCIPD
Founder and Lead Coach, Leap into Consulting and MD of GlobusHR Consulting Ltd.

More recently I have started to share my experience and knowledge through writing my book     "Leap into HR Consulting - How to create your own successful HR business now" .

As a business owner it is often lonely at the top but in 2018 I was delighted to be part of two award events:

  • Cipd National Award finalist — Best HR Consultancy 2018
  • Winner of Influential Small Business Owner Award 2018

I was just 29 years old when I decided to go it alone and set up an HR consultancy in 1994. Frustrated by the pace of change, office politics, and procrastination, I made the leap into consulting, although not everyone was best pleased by my choice:

My mum and dad went mad when I told them that I was going to give up the corporate life and steady income to become self-employed.

Fortunately for me— with just a hint of “I told you so” — it was the best move I could have possibly made. Unfortunately, for many working in corporate life, ( and I include Public Sector in this as well), some of the processes, rules, inflexibility, and ways of thinking that frustrated me back in the early 90s are still an undeniable reality 25 years later.

In the early days, I focussed on providing HR advice for small business owners that didn’t have, understand, or feel the need for an HR department. My first step was often to educate  owners on how HR can support business growth. A baptism of fire and a good way to teach you to focus your solutions on business outcomes and ROI.

As the business evolved, I moved on to bigger companies, and soon had a wealth of internationally recognised clients on my books, such as British Telecom, Vodafone, Santander, and the English Football Association, and I was in my element:

“I loved it — I would go in, and help change their business for the better”

I studied a Msc in Executive Coaching at Ashridge Business School in Hertfordshire, and also a Master’s Degree in HR and Industrial Relations.

I now split my time between the UK and working with the sand between my toes in Corfu, where I fell in love with the island’s vibrant colours, beautiful nature, and the Greek way of life.

I have two boys, now in their early 20s. I brought up Aaron and Guy as a single parent for the large part of 20 years — all while running a business ,at its peak, with a £1m annual turnover — which didn’t come without its challenges:

“and if I can do it, then you can too !”

You can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn here.