Clarity Coaching

What if just 90 minutes could change your life?

News Flash: It can! Join me for a 90 minute coaching session and let me show you how you can gain clarity for you and your business.

You will be amazed how 90 minutes can change your approach and confidence. Don't take our word for it check out our feedback.

To build confidence you have to take action.

and that's where I come in... 

Who is it for?

Private coaching is for ambitious consultants wanting to get to the next level more quickly.

You are frustrated and are committed to making it happen by taking action and implementing change.



What typical topics do I cover?

Gaining clarity around your business goals.

Redefining your niche and ideal clients.

Reviewing your income strategy and pricing model.

How to increase the number of clients you work with - quickly.

Building confidence and resilience

I am not prescriptive in my approach as we work with whatever is important to you.

5 Star Review

"Coaching session
Sarah provided clear and helpful insight to bring focus into my work and to realise my potential - outlining clear and manageable steps to grow and develop my business.

I particularly appreciated that Sarah tailored her approach to my particular needs, values and situation and provided me with the support, advice and clarity that I needed to move forward in a positive direction".

5 Star Review

"I had my first session with Sarah today which was invaluable. I really needed to get clarity and focus on my positioning as a new HR consultant. Sarah and I had a discussion and she also asked me some questions which prompted me to delve deeper into my business. I will definitely take on board what we discussed in our session today and I look forward to sharing this with Sarah in the New Year. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience and anyone who is interested in taking the leap into consulting should reach out to her !" 

5 Star Review

"Helped bring some clarity
Sarah helped me to understand what it is I want from my business and what the barriers were to me achieving this. I have come away with some clear objections and actions and feel positive about the future".

5 Star Review

I was getting very frustrated trying to distill my services and how to describe them succinctly to businesses. Through coaching and insight Sarah helped me to see through the fog of uncertainty and me taking too much notice of others to arrive back where I began when I started the business.

Ironically, if not frustratingly a great result. Onwards and upwards for me now. Thanks Sarah

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